ArtShow? What ArtShow? Do we have one?
Yes! Yes, we do have ArtShow this year!

Oh, neat! What do I do to apply my artwork for it?
All you need to do is contact Fuckie (Telegram: @lestrate, and state how many artworks are you planning on placing for bidding and how large are they. A nickname and website/FA account are welcomed too, so we can place more specified info about you on the bid sheet!

That's it? No form? No payment?
That's it. We're keeping it simple for now, so no reservation forms and no additional payment is required this year.

That's great! How much space will there be? How much of can I take?
Our limit is only in fitting all the panels into the ArtShow room, so for now there is no restriction here either. Nevertheless, we advise you to not take too many, nor too big artworks with you. Recommended max artwork size is A3, but if you have bigger works that you really want to take, there won't be any problem with hanging them. Take a note though, that since it's the first time we're holding ArtShow, many attendees might not be prepared to take bigger works with them to the train/car/plane, so keep it in reasonable sizes :)

Our panels will be 60x120cm and will have a blank space at the edges where you cannot hang anything, so keep that in mind when planning on your setup. You also have to leave some clear space at one edge of the artwork where we can place the bid sheet (~8x10cm). When applying for a place, we'd appreciate you stating at least approximately if you need one or two or more panels for your display. If there's blank space left on one of your panels, someone else's artwork might be added there.`

Understood. Do I need to take my hangers? What should I prepare?
We provide panel space, hangers, and bid sheets. If you happen to have your own hangers, take them with you as we cannot predict how many will be needed to hang everything. Outside of that, there are only your artworks you should be worrying about :)

Okay then, that kinda covers it, but I have one more question...
Do not hesitate and contact Lestrate (Telegram: @lestrate, We will our her best to answer all your doubts.