Dealer's Den rules

1. Dealer's Den does not allow minors and is restricted to Gdakon attendees only.

2. You need permission from the Gdakon crew member to enter with a camera. Otherwise, cameras are forbidden in Dealer's Den.

3. Entering with food or any liquids is forbidden. Only sellers may have such with them and it's their own responsibility.

4. Dealers and Visitors should not disturb other sellers nor buyers with their clothes/costume, behavior, or loud music/noises. Please, act culturally, there's no need for animal behavior here. Keep it for the party!

5. The Dealer's Den is a place for sellers and buyers to meet and Gdakon is not involved or responsible for any transactions made nor merchandise offered.


Information for sellers

1. Gdakon is not responsible for any merchandise or valuables during or after the opening hours, tho We provide Security members being present during opening hours.

2. Gdakon crew can confiscate/remove any item they would find inappropriate/not tasteful to show on the table or ask a Dealer to leave the room.

3. Dealer is responsible for their assigned space and should not use any other Den's space without permission.

4. Every seller is responsible for cleaning his workspace after the Dealers Den hours are over and overall keeping their table presentable and not destroyed - modifications of furniture/walls/floor are not allowed.

5. Selling food or drink (including alcohol) is forbidden.

6. Gdakon is an adult-only event but there are some restrictions about NSFW merchandise you can sell on Dealers Den, like:

- Sex toys and accessories (BDSM f.e.) are not allowed in Dealers Den. You can leave an announcement such as business cards, leaflets, or other tasteful signs but the actual transaction is restricted to a private room.

- Any NSFW content should be censored. Mature/Adult material must be kept in closed binders/folders that are clearly marked as adult.

- Any merchandise that violates Polish law, for example, pornography, such as pedophilia or zoophilia, art containing racist and religious themes, cruelty, and violent art, are strictly forbidden.

- Items made of a real animal, fur, animal body parts (not including leather) are not allowed.