Q: I have a problem and I don't know what to do.
A: Before the convention - ask us on Telegram or send a ticket. During the con -come to ConOps. We'll try to solve the problem.

Q: To travel to Poland I require a few documents - where can I get them?
A: Organizers have it covered. Just send a ticket using help.gdakon.org!

Q: Can I take my dog or other pet with me?
A: Yes, but please contact the organizers to make some arrangements.

Q: Am I able to stay one day longer/arrive a day earlier on the convention site? Maybe a few?
A: Sure, an appropriate option has to be chosen in your user's profile. Keep in mind that in case of a longer stay there might be a room migration needed.

Q: Are dinners included?
A: No, the price includes only breakfast. You can buy dinner in the hotel restaurant. In the close area, there are many restaurants.

Q: I don't have any emails with my account activation :(
A: Check your Spam folder. Also, check if your mail is written correctly.

Q: I am unable to log in, and I am sure I wrote my password correctly.
A: Account locks themselves after 5 failed tries of logging in. Reset the password, or contact the organizer.



Q: When do I register?
A: Registration is opened this saturday, 20:00 (8 PM) CEST (GMT 2) - from that moment you can go to gdakon.org and register your account. Please be aware that it may be very slow in the first minutes as hundreds of people are trying to do the same. Please DO NOT open our website in multiple tabs, browsers, etc. as it will only make it worse and you may start getting errors because of doing so. Once you've registered your account, please wait for us to activate it. We will activate accounts in the manner described here:  [ENG] (https://2022.gdakon.org/News/29)  and [PL] (https://2022.gdakon.org/News/30) or as we announced on @Gdakonek

Q: Do I have to register on saturday? Or sunday?

A: Register whenever you want. If you have a friend who has locked a room for you, you do not need to hurry. We will eventually activate all accounts, as described above.

Q: How do I take a spot in the hotel?

A: When your account gets activated by us, you can log in. After logging in you can view all the content such as Rooms or Attendee List.
In order to be able to pick a room you just need to pay the confee for now - 300 PLN. Best if you use tpay for that, if that's possible for you.

Q: Do I have to pay for the whole room, or just for myself?

A: You pay for yourself.

Q: Till when can I pay for the hotel?

A: Two weeks after taking your place in a room. See Deadlines Page (https://2022.gdakon.org/Pages/Deadlines/) for more info.

Q: Why can't I pay with Paypal? 

A: It is not possible to pay with Paypal, our apologies for this. We refer to our latest announcement on @Gdakonek regarding that.

Q: How can someone hold / lock a room? 

A: Locking rooms with password is, as it always has been, an option for Sponsors (and Supersponsors). Your Sponsor/Supersponsor status will be activated once we've registered the payment for it.

Q: For how long can I keep my room locked for my friends? 

A: For two weeks since reg opening. See Deadlines Page (https://2022.gdakon.org/Pages/Deadlines/) for more info.

Q: What kind of rooms are available?

A: Mostly 2-person rooms, indicated by icons they are either 2x single bed [👤][👤]  or 1x double bed [👥].

Q: How do I know where my room will be? Will it be near an elevator? 

A: We do not know the exact layout of rooms on each floor. The hotel has only provided us with a simple text list with "Floor: room numbers", sorry.

Q: What are most important deadlines? 

A: You can find them all on our Deadlines Page.

Q: Can I purchase sponsor later? 

A: Yes, you can! After you buy the basic "Confee" option on the website and pay, you will be presented with options to upgrade regular confee to (super)sponsor. Thank you for supporting Gdakon! ^^

Q: Where can I find other important information?

A: All information is on our website (http://gdakon.org/), but we recommend you to subscribe to our news channel @Gdakonek - we only post the most important stuff there, no spam :)


Q: Where can I choose early arrival/late departure?

A: We do not have Early Arrival / Late Departure available on the website . Anyone wishing extra days at this moment should contact the hotel themselves through h3375-re2@accor.com and make a personal reservation stating you participate in an event called Gdakon 2022 and adding your room number for clarification. Please take note regular convention days are paid by place in the room and early/late days are paid by the room. If you wish to pay by Credit Card, hotel will provide you a form to fill after you contact them. Take note, that through direct e-mail you can get the convention prices 2 days before and 2 days after the con, but if it's easier for you, you can also book these days through booking.com - however, price may be different.