Our organizers are doing their best, so that the next Gdakon could be even better, and that's why we need Your help!

Would you like to help us create the next edition Gdakon? Do you have that "special something", that would help you control all the convention chaos and with your potent, furry (or either feathery, or even scaly) hand help us our joint convention? If yes...

Join the group of Gdakon's volunteers! Each pair of paws is usefull, and will make this con even better! We are looking for furries willing to help with the organizational stuff, as well as long-term cooperation.

Artists, who would like to co-create our conbook, please go check the Conbook subpage.

People who have some kind of an idea for a workshop, lecture, or any other kind of event, please contact the organizers.


If it comes to the point, that none of the aforementioned part does not fit You, and You'd still like to help... We could use an extra pair of paws. Decoration, arranging of the rooms, event organisation - just let us know by contacting us.

People helping with the fursuitwalk

Considering that the fursuitwalk with dozens of fursuiters, which aren't really able to see any good, being in the centre of attention of the little and the not-so-little kids, is a challenge, we are looking for people, who are eager to help us.

The job of a 'spotter' is to overwatch the group, carry the water & the straws, as well as to keep the kids, so that they are not too annoying. To make things easier, we will hand out walkie-talkies.


To provide safe fun to the convention attendees, and to bring order, we require a few people to join the so-called Sefurity - a furry security. The duties of said person are to check around the hotel once in a while, and possibly report any non-regularities to the organizers.