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Some of the things on Gdakon might differ a bit from what you know from other furry conventions. We are going to try to list them here, just so there are no disinformations.

If any issues aren't explained on this page, you can take a look at the pages listed on the left side of the screen.


Novotel Gdańsk Marina Hotel more details


09 - 13.03.2022




Rules regarding booking of the hotel rooms

Once you have your user account registered and confee paid, you will be able to book your hotel room through the website.

For the payment to be posted immediately, a transfer system will be available via service If the participant chooses to deposit through a bank account, the ability to take a room will depend on the date the bank the transfer is credited.

In the transfer title, you should provide your nick, and a number visible in their user panel, so that it can unequivocally be identified. It is possible for one transfer for a few attendees at once, although one has to contact the organizer beforehand.

Registration will start on October 9th, 20:00 CEST

This year payments for hotel accommodation will have to be sent directly to the hotel's bank account - go to your confee page for more details.


Registration after arrival at the convention

When the attendee arrives at the convention site, while the convention is ongoing, he has to be registered - that means that the data taken from his ID has to be compared to the ones, he has provided in the system. Additionally, every attendee is obliged to fill a form provided by the hotel, regardless of whether he'll have the accommodation guaranteed or not. That is related to the possibility of staying on the site.

Meanwhile, the attendee will be given his badge, any additional gifts, and a conbook.


Avatars for badges

The minimal resolution of user avatar is 600 by 600 pixels. Size this big guarantees, that the picture won't be blurry. PNG files with alpha channels (transparency) are acceptable. However, the bottom layer will be given themed background. In case of lack of time to send the picture on time, said person is going to have a default image printed on his/her badge, so that they don't have a white square on their badge ;)

Organizers do not fail to check the badges once in a while - that is due to the whole hotel being rent only for the purpose of the convention, and they are not always able to check whether incidental people are going to enter the site.

Further badges are purely cosmetical, usually used as badges for fursuiters. Additionally for each one of the badges attendees are going to be given a lanyard.


Withdrawal from participation

In case of the user's inability to attend, or voluntary resignation (which we sincerely hope, will not happen), you are able to contact the organizer, so that you are able to transfer your registration to another user.