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Epidemiological situation


Vaccination requirements

At the time of writing this, some restrictions are being considered for attendance for mass events and hotel accommodation in Poland. The trend though is that even if there are limits imposed on hotels and venues, they are not applicable to vaccinated people. Therefore, since the situation is dynamic, we decided that it's the safest option if only people who are or will be fully vaccinated before the convention starts could reserve a hotel room and enter the hotel's premises.

We will not require to show any proof during registration on the website, in case some people will be vaccinated after the 9th and before the convention.

Whether we will have to check the proof of vaccination or just a negative antigen test would be sufficient, depends only on the laws introduced before the convention starts, and we are bound to enforce these rules. If you are unable to get the vaccination due to any reasons, you may want to skip Gdakon this year or wait before the convention starts. Also, please don't register knowing you won't get vaccinated and then try to attend anyway, as you will not be let into the hotel premises nor given a refund.

So briefly speaking, if before the convention the law and hotel management allows, we could accept other means of documentation. But right now, we are obliged to require vaccination certificates.

Hotel accommodation

Right now the hotel requires us to check COVID vaccination certificates for anyone staying or entering the venue, and it will be done during on-site registration. This means it will not be possible to receive hotel keys if you don't comply with the current requirements.

Changes in restrictions

If there would be any change of restrictions, we will inform you immediately on our Twitter or Telegram channel. Right before the convention, we will send out e-mails with the current requirements to register for the convention and finish hotel booking.